Alex Tom and members of Chinese Progressive Association

Driving Question

How do we collaboratively lift up the assets of our community in order to link families to economic opportunity, creating long-term financial security and a stronger community identity? 

Our Story

Each fall, the Koshland Civic Unity Program of The San Francisco Foundation seeks out underserved neighborhoods in its five Bay Area counties of focus in which to invest by identifying community leaders of bold spirit who accept the most stubborn neighborhood issues as a personal challenge, and who work collaboratively to overcome them. The Foundation provides these community leaders (Koshland Fellows) with resources for five years that allows them to develop strong relationships, build trust, establish a shared leadership framework and decision making process, and challenges them to identify a community issue they want to address.

In 2013, the Koshland Program selected the Excelsior neighborhood. Through this process, the Excelsior Koshland Fellows agreed to launch a neighborhood workforce hub that will bring together at one convenient site community based organizations already providing job development programs, and services for low-income youth, adults, seniors, and immigrants. The result will be self-sufficiency of individuals and families, and a healthier more visibly vibrant Excelsior community.

The Koshland Excelsior Fellows are part of the San Francisco Foundation's Koshland Civic Unity program that recongnizes local leaders who work collaboratively to strengthen the assets in their community and address community concerns and needs.  Learn more at

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