Terry Valen and members of the Filipino Community Center


We envision a revitalized Excelsior and District 11 community, where multiple generations of immigrant and working class families are able to live and thrive, contributing to and sharing the benefits of a healthy local economy. We will work towards a community where:

Youth are engaged in supported, productive and leadership roles in their community including job training, educational, and other development opportunities.

Seniors are more connected (less isolated) and truly valued as important parts of the neighborhood workforce and larger community.

Locally owned small businesses have the support they need to thrive and contribute back to their community, including hiring and employing locally.

More people are working and spending money in the Excelsior, pooling and sharing their resources and talents, and breaking down cultural barriers and differences to strengthen our community and diversity.

As we also develop a robust resource and referral network for all, we will continue to strive towards full employment and mobilization of the incredible productivity of all of our Excelsior neighborhood residents. 

Joni Tam Chu, OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center

Core Values

Cultural Responsiveness
We are all born, raised and enveloped in culture, and it is central to building community. It
informs how we communicate with each other, the way we receive information and helps shape the thinking process of groups and individuals. A culturally responsive community recognizes the importance of including cultural references in all aspects of neighborhood life, enriching experiences and keeping residents engaged in contributing to its health and vibrancy.

Community Engagement
Community engagement is t
he process of working collaboratively with community groups for the purpose of developing and applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community. Process should be inclusive and reflective of the diversity that exist within the community.

Social Justice
Social Justice is both the process and the principle in which those who are directly impacted by society’s systems of oppression (class, race, gender, sexuality, etc.) become central and empowered decision-makers to transform those systems, eliminate oppression, and sustain and advance society in a more just and equitable direction.

We believe that making concrete systemic changes based on the needs of the community is important for a strong and vibrant community in the Excelsior.

Art is defined as something that is created with imagination and skill, that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. We will strive to promote and encourage the sharing of art in the Excelsior community, believing in the power of art to support our ideals and beliefs. 

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